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Data is everywhere, and we’re here to make sure it flows seamlessly. Phanofi is on a mission to bring high-speed data communication to everyone. We make data centers faster, greener, and more scalable for future generations.

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Next generation High speed transceivers

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In today’s interconnected world, where millions of personal devices contribute to the exponential growth of data and traffic, the need for a robust and sustainable high-speed data communication infrastructure has become paramount. At Phanofi, we are dedicated to addressing this demand by developing energy-efficient, high-speed intra-data center interconnects, also known as data transceivers, for seamless intra-data center communication. Our approach centers around making coherent technology accessible by streamlining the system and eliminating the need for costly digital signal processing and high-precision analog-to-digital converters. By integrating coherent modulation techniques into our transmitters and pioneering a novel signal detection method, we are revolutionizing the data communication landscape.

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