Phanofi Receives Innobooster Grant to Accelerate Product Development. Phanofi, a Danish startup developing high-speed interconnects for data centers and other high-performance computing applications, has been awarded an Innobooster grant from Innovations Fund Denmark.

“We are thrilled to receive this Innobooster grant from Innovations Fund Denmark,” said Hitesh, CEO of Phanofi. “This funding will provide us with the resources we need to accelerate our product development and bring our technology to market more quickly. We are confident that our technology will have a significant impact on the data center and high-performance computing industries.”

With the support of the Innobooster grant, Phanofi will be able to:

  • Develop and prototype a new generation of high-speed interconnects
  • Build partnerships with key players in the data center and high-performance computing industries
  • Prepare for commercialization of its technology

About Innovations Fund Denmark
Innovations Fund Denmark is a public-private partnership that invests in early-stage innovation projects with the potential for significant economic and societal impact. The fund provides grants, equity investments, and other forms of support to help companies bring their innovative ideas to market.