Phanofi Receives Innobooster Grant to Accelerate Product Development. Phanofi, a Danish startup developing high-speed interconnects for data centers and other high-performance computing applications, has been awarded an Innobooster grant from Innovations Fund Denmark. “We are thrilled to receive this Innobooster grant from Innovations Fund Denmark,” said Hitesh, CEO of Phanofi. “This funding will provide us […]

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Tech BBQ 2023

We are excited to announce that Phanofi has won the TechBBQ23 Playground for Hardware Startups pitch competition! It’s an honor to be voted as the overall winner among other early-stage hardware startups such as Cardiomo, Simplewire, TerraWaste, BeeSage, and Anemo Robotics. Our work on making high-speed data communication accessible has been recognized. We would like

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Phanofi showcases technology at OFC 2023

The recently concluded Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) conference (05-09 Mar, San Diego) proved to be a major milestone for Phanofi . This prestigious event provided an ideal platform for the company to demonstrate its groundbreaking technology and gather valuable feedback from industry experts. With great enthusiasm and excitement, Phanofi successfully demonstrated its technology live for

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DTU Startup Day 2022

And so, the journey begins. DTU Startup Day marked the inaugural networking event for the team of entrepreneurs and innovators at Phanofi. This event proved to be an invaluable opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with venture capitalists, private investors, and technical experts, all eager to share their insights on building a startup from the

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Phanofi wins ERC PoC grant to develop prototype

Phanofi’s dedicated team has secured a grant from the esteemed European Research Council (ERC) to showcase an innovative optical receiver designed for integrated photonic devices. This groundbreaking project revolves around the pioneering concept of leveraging photonic Fano resonance to efficiently demodulate high-speed coherent signals. The endeavor draws upon the remarkable outcomes achieved by the principal

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